Häh-Audio i Åbo

Summer is finally here and it means exciting new things at Häh-Audio. We have temporarily moved to Turku, Finland. For the summer of ’21 our main shop and headquarters can be found on the (hopefully) sunny coast. Repairs and pedaltesting in the Turku-area can now be done face-to-face, with the necessary safety precautions.

This change means that production is temporarily slowed down but will pick up shortly. New pedals and graphic updates are on the way. Some designs are finished and waiting for PCB’s, others are in development. So hopefully we’ll have now products to show during the summer. Some merch items are also coming soon.

We have good supply of pedals with our retailers so check them out and support your local businesses. Also our web-store has some special things available and can be shipped out anywhere in the world.

As always you can contact us through email, social media or here on the website. Custom designs and pedals, repairs and modifications are all welcome.

Have a great summer!

Webstore open for business & more

We now have our own webstore powered by bigcartel!

More products will be added soon. Some rarities and special items also available. Everything comes in limited quantities so be quick or be without!

Head to the webstore

New Retailer

We also have a new retailer Wood ‘n’ Sound in Espoo, Finland. You can find them at

They also make guitar straps from recycled materials so grad one of those while your at it!


Beacon is a vintage sound silicon-fuzz with NOS (new old stock) -transistors. Powerful but flexible circuit produces sounds from pushed crunch tones to all out wild fuzz. More than enough volume on tap if you want to push your amp to heavy distortion and beyond.

By rolling down your guitar’s volume you get additional control. Doesn’t clean up as you might expect but offers a good crunch tone.

We added a Fuzz-control to offer you even more sonic possibilities. This controls the amount of level going into the circuit. Max out to get the full attack of the two transistors or back down for cleanish tones.

Controls: Volume & Fuzz

UV-printed graphics as standard (hand painted graphics available on request)

Printed circuit board

True bypass

9V from an external power supply (no battery option)

Handmade in Jyväskylä, Finland

Price: 180€


It’s been a while since the last update. Things have been quite busy recently with repairs, prototypes and new upgrades. Here’s some info on what’s happening!


We have decided to start using printed circuit boards or PCB’s in our pedals. This change will happen gradually beginning from Beacons and Top Hats. Other pedals will still have the old boards. So there will be some overlapping with the different boards. More info on this as we get the new batch of pedals ready.

Why the change?

This will allow us to make our pedals better. That’s always the main reason for upgrading anything with our products. The new boards are more durable, easier to assemble, look better and save time. That time can now be spent on product development, marketing and other Häh-things. This change will raise the price of our products slightly. But this raise in price is reflected greatly on the quality of the product.

Does this mean that my old Häh-Audio pedal is not good enough?

No. Pedals are made everywhere with the method we used. For example Benson uses them in their products and many people doing clones use them to great effect. Maybe the “old board” will even some day make your pedal worth a lot more. Who knows?

But don’t PCB’s sound worse?

I think this is just a myth. Hundreds and hundreds of companies use PCB’s and if it really sounded worse would they be using them? We still use through-hole-components and solder everything by hand. In my opinion there’s some claim to surface mount components sounding different but that again is debatable.

New and old boards for Beacon

New pedals

With the new circuit boards come some updates to old pedals. We have decided to replace the mini version of the Beacon fuzz with a new two knob version.

New version will have Volume and Fuzz controls available from the top. This has earlier been available as a custom pedal. Adding the Fuzz control brings more flexibility to the pedal. The enclosure will be a slightly bigger and have new graphics. More info coming soon.

We are also working on some new designs that will be released later in the year so stay tuned.

The last mini-Beacon


This fuzz has a mission. To fight systemic racism, injustice and discrimination happening all over the world. With this pedal we are taking a stand for solidarity, unity and resistance.

We are donating 20€ for every pedal sold to the European Network Against Racism, ENAR.

ENAR is the only pan-European anti-racism network that combines advocacy for racial equality and facilitating cooperation among civil society anti-racism actors in Europe.

More info on ENAR and the work they do here.

There is no excuse for small businesses or individuals to be passive in times like these. Where ever you are, show your support, donate if you can, educate yourself and listen.

Anti-Fuzz is based on a classic circuit from the early days of fuzz. Two BC108 transistors, controls for volume and fuzz and great clean up from guitar volume. Not a face, but a 1.5 bender. All one of a kind, handmade pedals from Finland.

Controls: Volume & Fuzz

True bypass

9V from an external power supply (no battery option)

Handmade in Jyväskylä, Finland

Price: 125€

(price includes 20€ donation to ENAR)

New dealer & stolen goods

On Tuesday we got a confirmation on a new dealer in Tampere. Tammer-Piano ja Soitin is now stocking our pedals! Later that same day we got an email saying that two of the pedals intended to be sold from them had been stolen.

So, if you see these pedals being sold out there somewhere, let us now and we’ll hopefully get our property back.

But for all the people in Tampere in need of some Häh-Audio goods, you now know where to go.

Stolen Top Hat # 3
Stolen Crow’s Nest #6

Hähvi – support your local

As you probably are aware this on-going crisis is impacting small businesses on an unprecedented level. The short time we have operated we have tried to be an active part in our community and in times like these we have to support one another. That’s why we have teamed up with a local coffee shop and roastery Mukti Coffee to bring you our support coffee: Hähvi.

Hähvi is a dark roasted ethiopian coffee with nutty aftertones and low acidity. The roast is around 4/5 mark and it’s ready ground.

One bag of 200g costs 10€.

By buying this coffee you support our business as well as a small independent coffee shop. If coffee is not your thing, then please go offer your support to some other small business and spread that love around.

More about Mukti Coffee here.

Buy coffee by sending a message here.

Crow’s Nest


Crow’s Nest is a three-in-one pedal consisting of fuzz, octave and boost circuits. All circuits can be used together or independently, with different combinations creating a vast palette of different sounds.

The fuzz is our Beacon vintage sound one-knob fuzz that reacts to your guitar’s volume. Circuit uses NOS (new old stock) -transistors.

The octave is also a vintage inspired circuit which uses an audio transformer to create the upper octave -effect. Best when played on a neck pickup with your guitar’s tone turned down. The toggle switch changes clipping diodes which changes the octave’s harmonic output and dynamics.

The boost is a multi purpose shaping tool for your tone. Can be used as a buffer, a mid boost to tighten up the sound of your amplifier, as a solo-boost cutting through the mix with volume and frequency or as a sculpting tool to shape the sound of an amplifier.

The Crow’s Nest is designed to be used first in the signal chain, but feel free to experiment with different positions.

Controls: Fuzz, Character, Volume, Diode toggle switch, Boost & Mids

UV-printed graphics as standard (hand painted graphics available on request)

True bypass

9V from an external power supply (no battery option)

Handmade in Jyväskylä, Finland

Price: 250€

Top Hat

Top Hat is a vintage inspired treble booster with modern features. All the classic sounds and much more. Drive your amp into glorious overdrive with this pedal.

Bias controls the gain of the transistor and Volume controls the output. With the Cap control you can roll off the low-end going into the circuit. Classic treble booster sounds with Cap fully up. The Transistor-toggle changes between a vintage germanium and a modern silicon transistor. Modern silicon transistor has more gain and is sharper edged. Choose the one you like or change from song to song.

Controls: Bias, Volume, Cap & T-toggle

UV-printed graphics as standard (hand painted graphics available on request)

Printed circuit board

True bypass

9V from an external power supply (no battery option)

Handmade in Jyväskylä, Finland

Price: 200€


Hugo is a wild beast with a temperamental personality. He can manipulate your signal twisting and bending it to different notes. With a strong signal he will let it pass through only adding a ripping texture and a sub octave. You can control the strength of your signal with the preamp knob. Hugo is not a pet for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

Controls: Preamp, Tone & Volume

True bypass

9V from an external power supply (no battery option)  

Handmade in Jyväskylä, Finland

Price: 130€