Crow’s Nest


Crow’s Nest is a three-in-one pedal consisting of fuzz, octave and boost circuits. All circuits can be used together or independently, with different combinations creating a vast palette of different sounds.

The fuzz is our Beacon vintage sound one-knob fuzz that reacts to your guitar’s volume. Circuit uses NOS (new old stock) -transistors.

The octave is also a vintage inspired circuit which uses an audio transformer to create the upper octave -effect. Best when played on a neck pickup with your guitar’s tone turned down. The toggle switch changes clipping diodes which changes the octave’s harmonic output and dynamics.

The boost is a multi purpose shaping tool for your tone. Can be used as a buffer, a mid boost to tighten up the sound of your amplifier, as a solo-boost cutting through the mix with volume and frequency or as a sculpting tool to shape the sound of an amplifier.

The Crow’s Nest is designed to be used first in the signal chain, but feel free to experiment with different positions.

Controls: Fuzz, Character, Volume, Diode toggle switch, Boost & Mids

UV-printed graphics as standard (hand painted graphics available on request)

True bypass

9V from an external power supply (no battery option)

Handmade in Tampere, Finland

Price: 250€