Holiday sale 2022

Festive season is here and it’s time to spread love and kindness. So we are offering a discount of 15% on all our products. Pedals, t-shirts and for the first time GIFT CARDS!

We have some special one-off pedals from the vault as well as the standard line up for grabs. More info on the specials below. Orders through the web store, by email or DM. Specials can be ordered ONLY through email or DM.

Gift cards are available for set amounts and can be used for all products and services. And remember you get 15% off! Gift card for 100€ costs only 85€. Gift cards will be delivered as a PDF by email with a custom code. Gift cards can be ordered through the web store, by email or DM.

Use the code ENDOF2022 when ordering to get the discount. Code valid on orders through 31.12.2022.

About the specials:

Mid boost 160€

  • The Häh-Audio mid boost found in the Crow’s Nest now in a stand alone pedal. Green with flowers.

Void fuzz-boost 200€

  • Tone Benderesque fuzz with tone control. Häh-Audio mid boost after the fuzz. Effects can be used independently. Etched enclosure from Void electronics.

Vines fuzz 180€

  • Beacon fuzz with added tone control. Muff-style tone circuit. Grey/black with vines.

Beacon fuzz 180€

  • Häh-Audio Beacon with custom painted graphics. Red with white and orange splatter.

Moon of the Occult Crow 250€

  • Analog delay into fuzz. Tone Benderesque fuzz with a buffered effect input. Analog delay can only be used with the fuzz. Black with moon & crow graphics.

Häher tremolo 150€

  • Schalleresque tremolo with switchable speed. Smooth amp-like tremolo. Metallic/black footswitch enclosure.

Super fuzz 100€

  • Take on the ever classic octave fuzz. Mids switched from pushed to scoop with toggle switch. Grey with screen printed vines.

Ruiner fuzz 100€

  • Take on the Deviever Ruiner. Wild fuzz good for guitar or bass. Grey with gold/silver drum wrap.