Beacon is a vintage sound silicon-fuzz with NOS (new old stock) -transistors. Powerful but flexible circuit produces sounds from pushed crunch tones to all out wild fuzz. More than enough volume on tap if you want to push your amp to heavy distortion and beyond.

By rolling down your guitar’s volume you get additional control. Doesn’t clean up as you might expect but offers a good crunch tone.

We added a Fuzz-control to offer you even more sonic possibilities. This controls the amount of level going into the circuit. Max out to get the full attack of the two transistors or back down for cleanish tones.

Controls: Volume & Fuzz

UV-printed graphics as standard (hand painted graphics available on request)

Printed circuit board

True bypass

9V from an external power supply (no battery option)

Handmade in Tampere, Finland

Price: 180€