The Detective

The Detective is a simple yet powerful booster and tone shaper. It clarifies your signal and adds attack and bite to your sound. Capable of boosting your amp or drive pedal into magnificent break up.

This pedal is very dynamic and it reacts to your playing. You can manipulate the sound just from the controls on your guitar. Roll the volume down for a great clean up or use your tone knob to beef up the sound.

The Detective has plenty of gain in itself and you can transform the pedal into a fuzzy distortion with the toggle switch. This adds a second gain stage to the circuit producing a saturated distortion sound. Almost gated and borderline fuzzy, a big sound.

Controls: Volume, Gain & Toggle

UV-printed graphics as standard (hand painted graphics available on request)

True bypass

9V from an external power supply (no battery option)

Handmade in Tampere, Finland

Price: 190€