Häh-Audio i Åbo (2021)

Summer is finally here and it means exciting new things at Häh-Audio. We have temporarily moved to Turku, Finland. For the summer of ’21 our main shop and headquarters can be found on the (hopefully) sunny coast. Repairs and pedaltesting in the Turku-area can now be done face-to-face, with the necessary safety precautions.

This change means that production is temporarily slowed down but will pick up shortly. New pedals and graphic updates are on the way. Some designs are finished and waiting for PCB’s, others are in development. So hopefully we’ll have now products to show during the summer. Some merch items are also coming soon.

We have good supply of pedals with our retailers so check them out and support your local businesses. Also our web-store has some special things available and can be shipped out anywhere in the world.

As always you can contact us through email, social media or here on the website. Custom designs and pedals, repairs and modifications are all welcome.

Have a great summer!